So you are looking in to getting a new Subaru. That is an awesome decision! Now the next thing you have to decide is if you want to buy it or lease it. We have compiled a list below with information about both leasing and buying that will hopefully help you with your decision.



-          You get a new car every two or three years.

-          Always have the newest technology available in the automotive market.

-          Since you are getting a new vehicle every couple years you will always be driving a safe and reliable vehicle.

-          You do not have to put any money down to get a reasonable payment on a lease.

-          Leases typically have lower monthly payments.

-          The only out of pocket costs that you will have are for the maintenance of the vehicle. This is generally limited to Oil changes and tire rotations. The only time you have to pay for anything else is for tires or brakes, which normally don't wear out in less than 3 years. So unless you are beating on your lease then you will not have to pay for these two items.

-          You only owe the amount of depreciation on the vehicle


-          You do not own the vehicle. Therefore, you cannot customize the vehicle in anyway unless it is a OEM accessory installed by the dealership.

-          You required to stick the manufacturer maintenance schedule.

-          If you go over your allotted mileage then you have to pay out of pocket for the overages.



-          The car is yours for as long as you want to hang on to it.

-          You own the vehicle which means that you can customize the vehicle any way that you wish.

-          Miles don't matter. There are no restrictions on the amount of miles you drive in a year.


-          All repair and maintenance costs are out of pocket.

-          The amount owed is the total value of the vehicle.

-          Monthly payment amounts are typically higher than leasing.

-          Down payments are almost always a necessity when purchasing.

-          Your vehicles technology will fall further out of date each year.

-          Generally the older the vehicle is the less reliable it becomes based on the age of the body and the miles on the motor.

-          The value of your vehicle will depreciate constantly over the years.


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