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Yark Subaru Supports Outdoor Adventure To Greater Heights

Yark Subaru is a proud supporter of Metroparks Toledo, and to show our support our Subaru dealership in Toledo, OH, donated $100,000 to the Metroparks Toledo Foundation. Metroparks Toledo is a system of parks and trails that connects people with nature, allowing Toledo residents to better engage with the environment. Our $100,000 donation to the Metroparks Toledo Foundation will go to the Cannaley Treehouse Village, a Treehouse Village at Oak Openings Preserve.

Thanks to the help of Nelson Treehouse and Supply, from the TV show Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet, the Cannaley Treehouse Village will feature:

  • A 6-person treehouse
  • A 4-person treehouse
  • Two, 2-person treehouses
  • A common treehouse with seating for up to 49 people
  • A crow's nest
  • Three tent/hammock platforms for camping in the trees
  • A canopy walk linkingthe common treehouse to the crow's nest

Metropark Toledo has parks and trails all over Lucas County, and everyone is encouraged to get outside to enjoy the natural beauty that Ohio has to offer. Yark Subaru is happy to support Metroparks Toledo and help to motivate people to get outside and explore these amazing treehouses.

Metroparks Toledo has a huge network of parks that are open to the public, with more parks in development every day. There are over 120 miles of trails within the park system for you to explore. Metroparks Toledo's primary mission is to conserve the region's natural resources by improving and protecting natural parks and open spaces. These spaces are provided for the benefit and education of the public so that future generations can enjoy the best that nature has to offer. These peaceful places are more than just areas where people go to play with their children or walk their dogs -- they're important parts of the history of the Toledo area.

Every year, millions of people visit a Metropark, and with a park system that benefits so many people, we knew it was a great cause for us to get behind. Our $100,000 donation to the Metroparks Toledo Foundation will help these treehouses come alive for everyone. And this project will be paired with a new 12-mile mountain bike trail and a 500-acre Beach Ridge Area of Oak Openings for both local and out-of-town visitors to enjoy.

Contact Yark Subaru in Toledo, OH, to see how your organization can begin a partnership with ours or how you can get involved yourself. Don't miss out on experiencing the one-of-a-kind Treehouse Village and learn about how you can book an overnight stay in one of these treehouses when you contact Toledo Parks!

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